passion up.

– day four –

What I know now, well I realized a while ago but I am just writing about it (don’t judge me) is that, you will not stumble into a full-filled dream. In day four of this wonderful year where everybody is excited, sharing all that they are going to do and be this year (myself included), I am clear on one thing, you need more than what I call “wantivation” to fulfill your goals. Desire alone will not manifest your dreams, your book, your business…your anything.  Passion is about intention. Be deliberately committed in the pursuit of your dreams.


Make it Happen

Want to know what else I think about passion?


Passion demands responsibility. It will question the hold up, nagging you incessantly about the lack of movement.  Trust me,  passion becomes your companion in frustration when inactive. Keep doing nothing and passion will worry you until you move on it or give up completely. I say show up to commitment and prove doubt, procrastination, and any other threat to promise wrong.




Passion involves work. Social media has spoiled many into thinking that just because it looks easy that it is easy. Folks are looking to harvest dreams in places where they have not sewn. If you aren’t making deposits, sewing, planting  and working for your future, your dreams will likely not flourish.



Passion requires you to be smarter. School yourself. We are without excuse when it comes to knowing a thing. Anything you want to know can be known. That little thing called google will bless your life.  Question…who are you studying? What are you reading? Your ideas are only as good as the stuff you surround yourself with. Garbage in, garbage out….#justsaying.  Passion requires you to never stop learning. Always remain curious and never stop learning.  Get a mentor. Connect with those who are smarter than you and oh never stop learning.

By day as the Vice President of blah blah blah, I report directly to the CEO and in short my job is to generate revenue and make my boss look good by generating revenue. In an attempt to anticipate his needs, understand his thought process and gain foresight into the direction he may take our business, I read the books he is reading, I subscribe to the blogs that he reads… the point here, I will not be denied knowing what is needed to do my part in a spirit of excellence. I never stop learning. Case in point… check out my coursework for an executive leadership program that I am doing this month. I am tasked to finish 8 books in 3 weeks and complete 13 projects in 4 weeks.  Am I excited… YES! Am I terrified… YES! Am I grateful for this opportunity to level up and challenge me…ABSOLUTELY!


altMBA Books



Passion requires discipline. What is competing for your focus? Social media, fatigue, entitlement? The attitude that says I work hard I deserve this or that? It may be true that you work hard and a vacation is well deserved but the pursuit of your dream may call for a staycation, possibly a time of prayer and meditation. You know, the quiet that is needed to pull your passion into focus. The real question, do you have it in you to temper your “right now” to prepare for what is coming in your life? What I know for sure is that you need time, energy and mental capacity to be innovative and cultivate your dreams. Carving out moments to go beyond the idea phase and execute your plan takes discipline. Know this, discipline is an inside job. Are you down for what is needed to bring your passion to fruition…asking for a friend.




Here is the last thing I will say about passion (for now)……. Passion requires reckless enthusiasm. What you think about your dream, your wholehearted excitement will keep you motivated in your pursuit. What you think about your business, book, invention… will also condition others how to think about your vision. Stay enthusiastic about your future. Hope against hope. I have learned that difficult does not equal impossible. Stay dedicated. See yourself as the Chief Visionary Officer of your life, your business, your brand.

Being fearfully and wonderfully made has no boundary. Let nothing silence your dreams, especially you. Okay the last thing for real this time, the greatest lesson that I have learned about passion is that it must be developed, nurtured, and sometimes pruned. Stay in the fight to promise….PASSION UP.


Talking to me, letting you listen……..

Marci Diane | Author, Blogger

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