Don’t get weary in becoming.

I am grateful for here… where the miracle is that I still believe.  I get goose bumps thinking about the journey to here.  I am living MY dream. Why a dream you ask…because God is the conductor of my life and I agree with his choice. While perfection isn’t a consideration, contentment has found a home in my heart. The peace of God has become my constant friend and for that I am grateful.

I recently received my letter from the Library of Congress with the ID number for my first book and my very first royalty check from Amazon …in the same week. It tickled me to my core.  It was a Psalms 34 kind of moment… “Oh taste and see that the Lord is good” moment, an exceedingly and abundantly above what you could ask or think moment (Ephesians 3:20) ….a what a mighty God we serve type moment. I cannot escape the smile that burns from the inside out because God has remembered ME.

The New York Times has not called to confirm my best seller, nor have I made a million dollars in sales but I joy in the fact that God has kept his word and has remained by my side. Has the road to here been easy? Oh my goodness No! Truth be told, self-doubt nearly killed my dream but God in all his wisdom, persuaded me that his idea of me was far better than the Marci I could create on my own. 

My truth. There is a frustration that comes with being out of sync or behind time in purpose. It will motivate you …if you let it.  As I reflect on the last couple of years,  I see that writing my blog was the ultimate set up. It allowed me to test the waters of becoming this “writer” that I longed to be all while building my courage to fully embrace Gods intended path for me. Fast forward to today.. I am a published author. 

The one thing you can count on in life is change. Change will happen because of you… in spite of you….in the absence of you and with or without your permission.  Change is a promise that keeps itself.

Change can be painful when regulated and can turn into a lifetime of wasted moments when denied. While becoming, moving from grace to grace and faith to faith there will be days where you laugh until you cry. Other days you will just cry…remember two things… Don’t give up on God and don’t give up on you.

What I know now is that life comes with disappointments AND JOYS we didn’t expect.  Who knew that this journey wasn’t about me? Yes I knew that God’s plan was bigger than my life goals and desires but what I didn’t anticipate was the peace that would rest in my life by choosing His way.

I am reminded about a passage from my book about becoming and I find it relevant today:

 “The Miracle of Me…. The lines in my life will not read.. she came.. she loved… she tried but never did. I thought that the cost of sharing me and exposing my frailty for someone else’s victory was too high, but God persuaded me otherwise.  He has a unique way of applying pressure to the areas of life that need to be adjusted, realigned, and recalibrated to fit his plan.”

Gods way is perfect. Greatness must be massaged… we were created to evolve.  Given the pattern of Christ, if willing, we are in a constant cycle of bud, bloom, and blossom… Always becoming… Going from good to great. I don’t see a hint of overnight wonder in that equation.

My pastor said something recently that stopped me in my tracks… “The road less travelled is mine because it is my job to leave foot prints. THEN he said, when my emotions wanted to afflict my future, God said not so. Keep the faith and keep up with what God pursposed for me to do.” #bishopdonaldawright #mandown #mynotesfromfridaynightprayerservice

Learning is a gift even when pain is your teacher. Life is for the living. Lean in, embrace its fire, intensity, calms,  and swells…for this life is the only one you will have.

Don’t get weary in becoming.

Dont Be Average

Marci Diane | Author, Blogger






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