About April Ninth….

Nakia Opening

Lady Nakia Wright

Courage begets courage. What took place on April Ninth was the epitome of courage in action. Lady Nakia Wright, founder and host of the 2016 Re-Powering Your Strength Symposium dared greatly to see women inspired, empowered and ready for their best days.  Over 300 women joined us for this inagural event and it gave me great joy to see them leave #REPOWERED. I had the privilege of sharing my story… my testimony…my passion pursuit…  AND I released my first book.  I am so grateful for the moment because by the end of the event I had completely sold out of books! #gratefulisanunderstatment

Defining moments were commonplace on April Ninth, they were too many to number, but I learned a great lesson about the power of choice.  Making a difference is a choice. Doing nothing is a choice. Showing up is a choice. Being present is a choice.   Living the life Christ died for you to have… is a choice. Being passionate about what you were born to do is a choice. Allowing love to conquer ALL…. is a choice.

Mom and Sister Ta

My Mother and My Sister Tashiea

Elder Dee

My Elder Diahann

ma reams

My Mom Reams

I will reiterate this truth… one day there will be no tomorrow. Do all the good you can… for as many people as you can… for as long as you can.




MY TRUTH:  Passion says….. When life hurts the most….show up anyway .


Marci Diane, Author







Email me at iammarcidiane@gmail.com to order your signed copy of “The P Word”.




 {Photos by The Captured Life Photography}




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