Passion Says….




I am grateful for HERE…. In less than 24 hours I will check the box on a dream that I have held in my heart for over 20 years….. the release of my first book, entitled “The P Word: Releasing the fruit of your Passion”.  This “mini read” was birthed from a yes that I gave to my friend, Dr. Nakia Wright.  She is hosting her inaugural “Re-Powering Your Strength Symposium” to uplift and recharge women for the best days of their lives and she asked me to talk about my passion for writing and share my blog.  Witnessing her courage to create this monumental event, I was inspired to go beyond anything I had ever done and decided to write a book about my passion journey. Trust me, the experience was as crazy as it sounds but yes I wrote a “mini” book in 5 weeks.


The P Word is a glimpse into my passion pursuit. Completing this work made me ask the question “why didn’t I do this sooner”. Truth is, there is no secret sauce to what I have done, I simply renewed my mind and committed to the future that Christ died for me to have.  I have learned that commitment is a pre-requisite for all things great.  WHAT I KNOW is that one day there will be no tomorrow..  We must make our time count!




P Word Ad





I shared a pre-released copy of my book with my very first friend in life, my brother Marcus and here is what he had to say…..

“After reading the P Word, to me it’s LIFE in 44 pages… It portrays consciousness, the ups and downs of life, how to correct the mistakes of life, and what it takes to overcome them….In one word it’s simply ‘Truth’…it’s Marci’s truth, but in reality it’s everybody’s truth in some way…anyone can take a page from this book….”  -Marcus Willard


Walking into 2016 I declared that this would be “my best year yet” and those words are coming to life for me and those that I love. Passion says “do it even if it only helps one……that one being you”.


My book is being released exclusively at the Re-Powering Your Strength Symposium tomorrow and there is still time for you to join us! Tickets are $10 and you can register online at  or at the door!




We hope to see you tomorrow!  It is a moment that you don’t want to miss!











  1. Hell Ms. Marci!! I am so inspired by this book and so happy that you fulfilled your dream. Pam is my sister in-law and she gifted this to me and I could identify with this read totally! You have blessed me and thank you so much.


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