I Chose.


Beloved, being unmotivated is such a waste of time. After 257 days of countless excuses, welcomed distractions, and very little writing, I AM CLEAR that once a moment has passed it is beyond retrieval.
During that time I started a new job with greater demand and responsibility and also endured the loss of my grandmother, but if I am honest, of those defining moments neither kept me from writing… I just didn’t want to. If I had committed to my desire to be great, I would have been compelled to share with those who consistently ask for more or would have been further along in the publishing process for my book and so forth and so on. But all is not lost because I have TODAY!
Being great is a choice, and I choose it.  Being exceptional is my end and I will not be denied. When folks expect you to only be normal, shock them by being remarkable.
Being self-important or a legend in your own mind is a misuse of your light. Being the best you takes time, energy and great effort, but have no fear, no one can beat you at being YOU.
MY TRUTH-Let nothing suppress your passion to be remarkable. Your legacy will pay the price of failure if you don’t atleast try.
“By the grace of God I am what I am….”
1 Corthinthians 15: 10

Everything is A Choice


  1. Marci this is so wonderful!! Yessss! I love the inspiration!!! Thank you for sharing one of your exceptional gifts!!


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