Through My Lens…..

No regrets

Today I closed a defining chapter in my professional life. As I prepare for my next BIG step, I can’t help but reflect on what I have learned over the last six years, some of which I will share…


Leaders emerge from multiple levels… From the side…the bottom… never solely from the front or top.

Own and celebrate your success. Take credit for your ideas.

Before asserting authority you must demonstrate competence.

You don’t have to be brilliant on your own..


You must be open to new ways of learning in order to be compelling.

You can learn something from everyone.

Fail fast and persevere.

It’s hard to achieve comfort and great work at the same time.

take risk

Most importantly as I take on new heights in my career, I will own my authentic voice and share my light freely. What I know for sure…..The favor of God is hard to explain and impossible to beat.






still do it


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