What person sets out to be typical or average? Perhaps my network is limited but I don’t know anyone (personally) who fits that criteria.
What chance will your significance have if you quit today?
Are you existing or living?
Are you in a rut, stagnant, stuck or are you creating the best moments of your life?
Have you been lulled into positions that don’t require you to think, or create?
Have you left the path of extraordinary for the hope of certainty?
Is your genius present or has it escaped you?
If you are not moving forward…are you falling behind?
Are you a game changer or a spectator?
Shock your COMPLACENCY! Read the fine print of every situation and always consider the consequences of quitting. Don’t settle for being mediocre, that position is already occupied and overcrowded.
Even when your brilliance shines in tiny bursts…. Be great anyway.  despise Not small beginnings. Greatness begets greatness….
REMEMBER: You don’t need anyone’s permission to be brilliant.

woke upPassionate protest


My truth: RESILIENCE is attractive.
My prayer: Lord, help me not yield to the spirit of quit. Amen
#onward #upward


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