When searching for our passion or destiny we often hear the question “what would you do if you could not fail”, but I think the better question to ask is “what’s worth doing even if you fail”. In that answer lies the heart of your passion. That is where you will locate your drive and motivation and possibly your frustration.
When we discover this place, what keeps us from moving forward? A miracle of it dropping in our lap, or the gift of MORE (more time, money and resources) or approval and validation of others? For the longest time I would wait for a co-signer to my dreams which ultimately has not served me well.
I was curious to know what others were thinking so I asked seven people from my network what is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word validation.
  1. Security
  2. Acceptance
  3. Confirmation/Approval
  4. Confirmation/Approval
  5. Confirmation/approval
  6. Acknowledgement
  7. Stronghold & Freedom
 “Stronghold” was the one word I wasn’t expecting, but it hit me in the gut with accuracy. Check the extended version of the commentary–
“Stronghold & Freedom….
Seeking the validation of others creates a stronghold in your life that builds unimaginable boundaries, however seeking affirmation from God creates freedom to receive blessings beyond our imagination”
Is validation an important dynamic in life? Of course it is, but at what level is it healthy? Does it control our motives, our intent? Does it cause growth or destruction? While these are rhetorical questions, they definitely give us something to think about.
TRUTH MOMENT!!! I sought the opinion, approval, confirmation of others as a way of circumventing the process of waiting on God for the answer.  I pray that this is not your testimony, but this was absolutely my story.
TODAY…the motivation of my journey is fueled from within, thus outside nourishment and validation have become unnecessary.


Here is what I am learning (my present truth) …. The more you love your decisions, choices and paths to success…the less you need others to love them. REMEMBER when you rely on people to build you up …know that you are also vulnerable to their power to break you down.
There is no greater feeling than proving you are your own biggest advocate- MDT


  1. Absolutley amazing. This is so true & God has helped me overcome this need for validation and allow Him to fill the void only He can fill. He made me, therefore only He can truly affirm me. Yes, He is gracious enough to allow us to receive love & affirmation from people who truly love us, but we must first get it from God to even recieve it correctly from others. God bless you for this powerful word.


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